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Most remote work can be done without using the VPN service, which allows you to securely connect to USD's network as though you were physically on campus. VPN should only be used if you are accessing a service that requires it.  For a list os Services see  Applications Requiring VPN from off Campus

Remote access to USD information systems that contain sensitive information must require authentication, managed centrally by Information Technology Services (ITS), as well as encryption.

Cisco AnyConnect is a client that is installed on your computer. After connecting with the AnyConnect client, you can access campus resources and use them as though you were on campus. 

Click Install VPN for instructions on How to download and install Cisco AnyConnect VPN.


USD VPN technology provides secure, cost-effective, remote access to the USD network. Once connected through VPN, you will be able to:

  • Secure connection to the USD network from a university computer off campus
  • Access USD network folders
Available To

Faculty, Staff, and Students from US based IP addresses


This service is available at no cost.


Connecting to the USD VPN constitutes acceptance of 5.011 USD Network Access as well as consent to monitoring and remote search.​​​​
5.012 - Remote Access

Install VPN

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