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Can I access a file in my course that is difficult to read?

Can I access a file in a different format?


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Blackboard Ally provides automatically generated alternative formats of your instructor's original content to give you the added flexibility that comes with a more personalized approach.


  1. Alternative formats transfer your course files into different formats to help you learn better
    • Tagged PDF - Structured PDF for improved use with assistive technology
    • HTML - for viewing in browser and mobile devices
    • ePub - for reading on an e-book 
    • Electronic Braille - BRF version for electronic Braille displays
    • Audio - MP3 version
    • BeeLine Reader - Enhanced version for easier and faster on-screen reading
    • Translated version - Translate into your preferred language machine-translated version
  2. Click the Ally Alternative format icon, it is an A with a down arrow   
  3. Choose your preferred format


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