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Not sure about how to identify and correct accessibility issues with your course content?


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Blackboard Ally provides you detailed feedback and support within D2L to help you become an accessibility pro. Learn about accessibility issues, why they matter, and how to fix them with Ally's Instructor Feedback.


  1. Log into D2L 
  2. Click your course
  3. Upload a file
  4. Ally checks and scores each file, Click the indicator or gage  to
    1. See the file score
      Note: Students do not see the file scores
    2. Specific issues affecting the file
    3. How to improve the file
  5. Click All Issues button to see a list of everything impacting the file
  6. Click Document Preview to see where the issue is within the document
    • Use the up & down arrows to navigate issue by issue
    • Use the page arrows to move page by page
      Note: You can turn off or on the red outline highlighting the issue by clicking  or 
    • Click the What this means button to get more information on the issue
    • Click How To  to get guidance on how to fix the issue
  7. Once you incorporate changes click the Next button
  8. Upload the changed document
  9. Ally will re-check the content and show you the score
  10. Fixing the issues will increase file usability for all students


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