Missing Courses in Akademos Tool for Department Chairs or Administrators

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I am unable to see all the courses for my department. I have department admin access


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Permissions missing


  1. If it has been verified that the course is listed in Banner go to the next step
  2. Contact the Administrators of the Online tool at Charlie's Bookstore & Fan Shop, with the following information:
    1. Courses that are missing and where they are taught (online, USD Campus etc.)


Online Bookstore Admins

  1. Log on to https://usd.textbookx.com as an admin
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Admins (not Professors)
  4. Search for User
  5. Click User
  6. View Permissions
    Note: it is also possible to click on an area like USD Campus, what was chosen will be marked green and see what was chosen 
  7. Determine if needed permission was given (the academic area to be made visible to the Admin)
    Note: if needed use course mapping list in the Bookstore Team Site (see Files > Process Documentation > Admins)
  8. Add missing permission for each area
  9. Save
  10. If permission is granted, but the course is not visible, see if the course is listed in Banner under the expected Department (for example is the course listed under Earth Science instead of Sustainability an Environment) 
    Note: you can also use a copy of the courses file sent to Akademos
  11. Changes in Banner need to be approved by the Chair and Registrar's Office 

Please contact the Service Desk if you need further assistance


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