Missing Files in OneDrive


Files are missing from my OneDrive account

My files disappeared from their folders in OneDrive

Files show up on my Onedrive website, but not on my computer


  • Onedrive


Files were deleted


Note: When a file has been deleted in OneDrive it can be recovered from the recycle bins for up to 93 days

  1. Verify you are Signed Into Onedrive with your USD account
  2. Go to C: Users\your_username\OneDrive for Business-Unsynced Changes
  3. Right Click File(s)
  4. Select Move to OneDrive
  5. Go to onedrive.usd.edu
  6. Sign in with your USD username and password
  7. Click Recycle bin
  8. Select the missing files
  9. Click Restore
  10. If the missing files are not in the Recycle bin click Second-stage recycle bin.
  11. Select the missing files
  12. Click Restore
    If the missing file(s) are not in the recycle bin or the second-stage recycle bin, the files cannot be recovered


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