Creating a Template in DocuSign


I need a template created in DocuSign for electronic signature


  • DocuSign


Note:  Templates must be digitally accessible.  See Guidelines for Accessible Documents

  1. Log into the DocuSign TEST Environment 
    1. Enter your USD email address
    2. Select the blue Use Company log in button
  2. Click Templates
  3. Click New Template
    If New Template is missing see Requesting Access to DocuSign
  4. ‚ÄčEnter a name and description for your template
  5. Upload one or more documents for signature
    1. Click UPLOAD
    2. Select your file(s)
    3. Click ADD SELECTED
  6. Add recipient roles and any named recipients
    Note:  See Bulk Send for Multiple Recipients to send to document to multiple recipients
  7. To set a routing order for your document follow the regular procedure described in Add Recipients
  8. To define a standard email message for your template, or to add private messages for individual recipients, follow the regular procedure described in Add Messages
  9. To set the signing fields for your document, click NEXT
  10. To add signing fields for each of your template recipients, follow the regular procedure described in Add Fields to Documents
  11. To finish your template, click SAVE AND CLOSE
  12. Your template is saved and ready to use
  13. Submit DocuSign Template Move Request to move to Production


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