Coyote One Stop Service Addition or Change

  1. Do you have a service that delivers value to customers that you would like to promote? Looking for something that combines people, processes, and technology to provide:
    • Outputs or results that enable business capabilities
    • A simplified process for work activities
    • Specific desired outcomes
  2. Do you see a service that needs to be changed or updated?
    • Does a link need to be updated
    • Is there a change in the process 
    • Is there a change in the way the service is requested

Request a Coyote One Stop service be added or changed by clicking Request Service

  • ITS will work with you to implement a customized Service for your department
  • The service will be included in the Service Catalog which is broadly available
  • Streamline processes across departments reducing time and cost
  • Customers can find your services along with others in Coyote One Stop
  • Customized forms can be created to capture the details needed upfront 
  • Submissions are reviewed and edited for clarity and style
  • Work is assigned electronically to where you specify
  • You choose who can be notified when new work arrives
  • Requests no longer fall through the cracks
  • Links to other systems or forms are possible
  • Reports are readily available
Target Completion Date

Changes to Services take 10 business days to complete

New Services take 20 business days to complete

Available To

Students Faculty and Staff


There is no cost for this service 

Request Service

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