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An employee is injured on the job. How should it be reported?


  • Work place injury
  • Online First Report of Injury
  •  Worker’s Compensation


An employee has received an injury while on the job. Employee may be a student worker, a temporary or seasonal employee, faculty or staff.

  • Worker’s Compensation is managed by the state government through the Bureau of Human Resources.  It is important to report injuries within 3 days of the injury, or coverage may be denied. 
  • Volunteers may be covered if the department completed a volunteer form and submitted it to Human Resources. In the event a volunteer form was not properly submitted, the department may have to cover medical bills out of their budget.


Note: Students or visitors who are injured while on campus should file a report with the University Police Department. They do not complete a first report of injury.

  1. If required, seek medical treatment. Be sure to indicate to the health care provider that the injury occurred while on the job
  2. Either the supervisor or the employee should complete the online First Report of Injury within 3 days of the event:
  3. The report will result in a First Report of Injury number (FROI)
    •  The employee should record and keep that number for future reference
  4. The online report is sent to Bureau of Human Resources in Pierre who will review and make the determination of what, if any, benefits apply
    •  An electronic copy will go to USD Human Resources
  5. If treatment was sought, the FROI number should be provided to the health care provider for worker’s compensation billing  
    • The employee should submit any medical bills to the Bureau of Human Resources, per instructions the Bureau will send after the report is made
  6. If a benefit eligible employee misses assigned work shifts, they may use accrued sick or annual leave to receive a paycheck until the worker’s compensation outcome is determined
    • When and if the Bureau of Human Resources makes a payment for worker’s compensation, the appropriate balance of leave will be returned to the employee
    • Absences may also be covered by Family Medical Leave job protections 
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