Changing Benefits


When can I make changes to my benefits?

How can I change my benefits


  • Benefits
  • Annual Enrollment
  • Qualifying event


  1. You can make changes to your benefits when one of the following has occurred:
    • During Annual Enrollment
      • Normally the first two weeks of May
      • Any elections or changes will take effect the beginning of the benefits plan year, July 1
    • When a Qualifying event has occurred
      Note: You will not be able to change the version of a plan you are on with a qualifying event, such as moving from the low to high deductible plan
      • Qualifying event Examples:
        • Birth
        • adoption
        • marriage
        • Eligible Dependent
        • Beginning Employment
        • Change in Dependent care
        • Divorce/Legal Separation
        • Ineligible Dependent
        • Incapacitated/handicapped dependent
        • Loss of coverage
      • Visit Life Events to make a Life Events (Family Status) Change to your insurance based on a qualifying reason


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