University of South Dakota's Book Delivery and Storage Policy

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How long do students have to pick up books at Charlie's Bookstore in the MUC if they choose to have books delivered there?


  • USD's Online Bookstore
  • Charlie's Bookstore & Fan Shop


Students are notified that books have arrived. In cases where students fail to pick up books after being notified, the University's Book Delivery and Storage Policy is applied


Book Delivery and Storage Policy

  1. The university will make reasonable efforts to remind students about books and other items ordered ("materials") from Akademos, delivered to the Muenster University Center but have not been picked up
    • Materials may be picked up by students during normal business hours 
    • The university does not take responsibility for, guarantee, or insure materials delivered to the MUC, nor is it a public warehouse pursuant to SDCL ยง 44-14-1
  2. If materials are not picked up within 30 days of delivery
    • The university will impose a storage charge equal to 1/3 of the value of the material 
    • Each 30 days thereafter, the university may impose an additional storage charge equal to 1/3 of the value of the material
    • If materials are not picked up within 90 days of delivery, the university considers the materials intentionally abandoned and may dispose of the materials
  3. The university may resell any materials not picked up within 90 days as a proper method of disposal in satisfaction for accrued storage charges
    • Any proceeds from such sale shall offset the storage charge assessed to the student
    • Any storage charge imposed hereunder may be waived upon the student taking possession of the materials
    • Sale of materials will follow surplus property guidelines
  4. If the university determines that the materials are subject to a rental agreement with a company contracting with the university to provide book sales, the university may, but is not required to, return the materials to the company
    • The university is not responsible for any additional charges imposed on the student for failure to return materials subject to a rental agreement. 

For any additional questions about our Book Delivery and Storage policy, please send your inquiries to Charlie's Bookstore & Fan Shop.



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