Logging Into Lawrence HPC (Windows)


How do I log into Lawrence with a Windows computer?


  • Lawrence HPC
  • BASH terminal
  • Windows Operating System
  • Secure Shell (SSH)


Need to utilize the Lawrence HPC resource


Note: You can also find a tutorial on the USD Research Computing Group website.

Note: To request access, please submit the High Performance Computing request form 

  1. Download MobaXterm or another bash shell command line for Windows
    Note: Administrator permissions for the computer may be required for this step
    1. In the website (linked above) click on Home Edition
    2. Click on the MobaXterm Home Edition (Installer edition) option to begin the installation
    3. Extract all the files from the zip file
    4. Run the installation wizard 
  2. Open MobaXterm
  3. Type ssh your.UserName@lawrence.usd.edu at the prompt
    Note: Your username is often your first (given) name, a period (.), and your last name (surname) with no spaces (e.g., ssh Charlie.Coyote@lawrence.usd.edu)
  4. Type your password at the prompt and press enter
    Note: When passwords are typed in a bash shell, the cursor doesn't move or blink
  5. Complete your Duo second authentication method
    1. You must approve the Push on your mobile device
    2. OR You must type in the six-digit passcode from the Duo token (ie. 123456) and press enter
  6. If login is successful, a welcome message and new command prompt will appear
    Note: if you mistyped your password, the system will send you back to step 4

Please contact the Service Desk if you need further assistance.

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