Requesting Student Athlete Book Scholarship Recipient be updated in Akademos

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  • We need to have a student's information added to Charlie's Athletic-Bookstore-ITS share drive and sent to Akademos so they can customize the check out when ordering textbooks.
  • Student athlete vouchers need to be deactivated
  • I have dropped the spreadsheet for fall student athlete book scholarships into the share point


  • Akademos
  • Network Shared Drive


NCAA Athletes with an athletic book scholarship are only allowed to order course materials with their voucher, the online bookstore needs to set their profile to prevent accidental use of funds for unauthorized materials which would be against NCAA rules.


  1.  If you are authorized to make this request, please contact the Service Desk with the following information: 
    1. Requested Change
    2. Indicate if the bookstore worksheet with student information has been updated on the Athletics-Bookstore-ITS SharePoint, do not send the list by email
      Note: the Athletics List contains two tabs, the Master List and more importantly for processing the Voucher List containing Last Name, First Name, ID#, Sport and Email
    3. Notify Registrar's office of any new athletics on book scholarship 
      Note: They will update the Student as an Athletic Book Scholarship recipient with an end date which will ensure that the student cannot use the Book Advance
    4. Once Athletes have been set up, notify Charlie's Bookstore to create a voucher for the Student-Athlete


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