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Note: A quick search applies a single condition to the documents in the current view and returns the documents that satisfy that condition. You define the condition in the Quick Search tab, which includes the property list, operator list, and value box

  1. Login to ImageNow
  2. Click the drop down arrow beside Documents
  3. In ImageNow Explorer
  4. Click Views
  5. Define your search conditions on the Quick Search Tab
    1. Click Property List
      1. Select Index Key
        • Student ID
        • Last Name, First Name M
        • DOB
        • Document Type
    2. Click Operator List
      1. Select an Operator that is used in comparison
        • is equal to
        • is greater than
    3. Value Box
      1. Select or type a value tp be compared to the documents property or field
  6. Click Go

To search with multiple conditions

  1. On the Search tab,
    1. Click Add
  2. In the Add Condition dialog box,
    1. In the Constrain By list,
      • Click the kind of constraint for the lists you need in the Type, Field, and Operator boxes.
  3. In the Type list,
    1. Click Normal, Variable, LearnMode, or Prompted.
  4. In the Field list,
    1. Click the document field that is the basis of the comparison
    • Note  If you search on the Notes field, ImageNow can search on only the first 50 characters of the field.
  5. In the Operator list,
    1. Select an operator,
      • Such as is equal to or is greater than that is used in the comparison.
  6. In the Value box,
    1. Enter or select the target value to be compared to the document field, using the selected operator.
    • Note  If you selected Prompted as the type, the Message box replaces the Value box.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Repeat the previous steps in this procedure for any additional condition rows.
    • Note Each new row beings with AND by default. To change AND to OR, click AND.
  9. Click Go 


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