TurningPoint Clicker Results not Showing Up


When using a TurningPoint clicker the clicker response is not showing up in the results


  • Classroom
  • TurningPoint
  • Audience response systems
  • Hardware
  • Software


Clicker is not on the correct channel

Clicker batteries are dead


  1. Sign in to the TurningPoint software with TurningPoint username and password
  2. If no account, create an account
  3. At the top of the TurningPoint window, verify receiver channel
  4. Verify that the clicker is programmed to the correct channel
    1. On the clicker press the Channel, CH or GO button
    2. Enter the two-digit channel number provided by your instructor
    3. Press the Channel, CH or GO button 
      Note: A green flash indicates the channel was successfully changed. A red flash indicates that the response was not received. Multiple yellow flashes indicate the response is sending.
  5. Remove the battery cover from the back of the clicker and take the batteries out and place them back in the clicker
  6. If still experiencing issues, replace the batteries, then repeat Step 4
  7. Click the Channel number at the top of the window
  8. Click the Test button on the Response Devices page
  9. Press a button on the clicker to see if a response is recorded


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