Ticket Survey Opt Out


ITS values your satisfaction. One of the tools we use to gauge that satisfaction is our customer satisfaction surveys. We send a customer satisfaction survey one day after the completion of each incident or service request ticket you submit to ITS.

If you no longer want to receive ticket surveys, please click the Request Opt-Out button on this page and we will stop sending the survey emails to you.


Do you receive too much email?
Do you not respond to customer satisfaction surveys?

We appreciate your feedback on ticket surveys, but also understand the importance of managing how much email you receive and your choice to opt out of receiving these customer satisfaction surveys.

Target Completion Date

Please allow 5 business days to complete the ticket survey opt-out request

Available To

Faculty, staff, and students


This service is available at no cost


Request Opt-Out


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Wed 6/23/21 7:16 AM
Mon 7/26/21 7:35 AM