Report Request


Request a new report to be developed using the most appropriate reporting tool or request an update to an existing report.  Please be aware certain confidential data fields are subject to review and approval from various campus stakeholders.  ITS will consult with those stakeholders as needed prior to beginning work on your request.

  • View a list of available reports in the Data Cookbook
  • Please submit your report request a minimum of two weeks before the needed output is desired.
  • Some report requests may take longer depending on the nature of the information being retrieved.
  • Request reports from Banner, TMA and TeamDynamix. 
  • Report requests will be prioritized according to institutional need. 

Note:  If your report needs to be sent external to campus, please make your request to the Office of Institutional Research

Click Request Report to request a new report be developed


  • Accurate and current data to make business decisions.
  • Report designed and maintained by ITS
  • Report can be scheduled
  • Report can be emailed
  • Run report on demand 
Available To

USD Faculty and staff


There is no cost for this service


Any report or distribution of report data is strictly private and/or confidential for internal university use only.  It should not be copied, distributed or reproduced in whole or part, nor passed to any third party.


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