IT Consulting & Advising


Guidance on how to leverage technologies and select technology solutions, including those in the cloud. This service will help you address your needs, whether that is software, hardware or cloud solutions. ITS wants to make sure your needs are met and that the solutions will work with USD's infrastructure.  Consult ITS before discussions with vendors and please involve ITS before decisions are made.

Possible outcomes of this service are:

  • Solutions are available and can be used with little effort
  • Budgets are prepared for classroom updates or other types of purchases
  • ITS assists with purchasing
  • ITS will help the customer complete a Project Request and start the review process, if the scope of the solution warrants a project level effort

Note: If you have questions because something technology-related is broken or not working right and you have not been able to find a solution, please use Reporting an Incident. 

  • Get solutions faster by leveraging ITS' technology experience
  • Finding innovative solutions that meet your needs
  • Ensure that the solution works with USD technology infrastructure and is supported
  • Take advantage of cost savings
  • Review of existing technology solutions which may meet needs, saving time and money
Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students with department sponsorship


There is no cost for this service

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