Reporting Suspicious or Malicious email


The reporting service is the best way to safely remove a dangerous message from your Inbox, and you are letting the Security Team know about the danger so we may protect others who received the same message.

  • When you see a message that you believe is phishing, click the Phish Alert button in the bar at the top of the message


Note: Do not report messages in your Junk folder – you can simply empty the folder

  • Click Report Phish to submit the message to the security Team and remove it from your Inbox
  • You can also submit Phish Alerts using Outlook Mobile on your Android and iOS device
    • After you open a message that appears to be phishing, click the three dots icon at the top of the message
    • Tap the Phish Alert icon, then tap Report Phish
  • The Security Team will respond letting you know if the message was a Threat, Spam, or Clean

Phishing Messages

Phishing messages are dangerous email messages designed to steal information from you, such as your username and password. Please use this service to report dangerous messages to the Security Team. You should be aware of some key indicators.

  • Sender address – often sender addresses are spoofed or look slightly different than you expect
  • Sense of urgency – if the message is calling for immediate action you should pay close attention to the action requested
  • Warn of negative consequences – phishing messages often try to scare you into clicking a link or opening an attachment
  • Embedded link – hover over links before clicking, and pay close attention to the URL
  • Attachment – be suspicious of any attachment that you didn’t request or is otherwise unexpected
  • Too good to be true - Watch out for people advertising jobs that seem like easy money, like Puppy Sitting

SPAM Messages

SPAM is annoying email that you would rather not receive. SPAM is different from Phishing because it is not dangerous, but it is often annoying. Spammers are trying to sell you something, or get you to visit a website to increase their ad revenue. You can safely send SPAM to the Junk folder and ignore it. If you are not sure whether a message is Phishing or SPAM, please use this service to report the message! The Security Team will let you know whether it is SPAM or Phishing.

Clean Messages

Sometimes legitimate email messages are reported to the Security Team by mistake. Phishing messages look very much like legitimate messages, which is why they are so dangerous. If you mistake a legitimate message for Phishing and report it, the Security Team will return the message to you letting you know that it is Clean.


Reporting Phishing messages is beneficial both to you and to the campus community. You are part of the Human Firewall. By reporting a Phishing message, you may be helping to protect someone else who did not recognize the danger.

Available To

Students Faculty and Staff


This service is available at no cost.

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