Dakota Dome Evacuation and Severe Weather Plan


  • What are the emergency and evacuation procedures for the Dakota Dome?
  • What is my building's evacuation plan?
  • What is the severe weather plan for the Dakota Dome?


Evacuation Plan

In the event that the DakotaDome must be evacuated, the following procedures should be followed:

  • Upon hearing or seeing the fire evacuation signal, all persons within the DakotaDome should immediately begin exiting the building through the nearest available exit
    • Elevators should NOT be used during an evacuation event unless necessary for the evacuation of a disabled/handicapped person.
    • Prior to leaving the room, any open fires, hot plates, coffee pots, or similar equipment should be turned off
    • Electrical equipment that cannot be left unattended for prolonged periods should also be turned off prior to exiting the room.
    • Office doors must be shut and any fire rated hallway doors.
  • Designated persons from each floor will quickly survey the floor to assure that evacuation is in progress or completed.
    • The following areas should be evacuated by athletic facility staff and/or emergency personnel:
      • West side of Dome:
        • 400 level
          • Football offices and meeting rooms
        • 300 level
          • Concourse, restrooms, ticket offices, concessions, Sodexo kitchen
        • 200 level
          • Suites/loge boxes, restrooms
        • 100 level
          • Football locker room, football coaches’ locker room, football team lounge, athletic training room, restrooms, Dome floor
      • East side of Dome:
        • 400 level
          • Suites, press row
        • 300 level
          • Concourse, concessions, ticket offices, restrooms, Sports Info office
        • 200 level
          • Coaches’ offices and meeting spaces, ROTC offices, pool viewing deck
        • 100 level
          • Team locker rooms, equipment/laundry rooms, Dome pool, Dome floor
  • All persons within the Dakota Dome will convene on the lawn in front of the USD tennis courts.  This will allow quick assessment for any missing persons and avoid interference with the emergency responders. 
  • In the event of weather conditions where shelter is desired, please move away from the Dakota Dome and go inside either the Wellness Center or USD Foundation for comfort and safety.

Severe Weather Plan

  • In the event of severe weather alerts such as tornado or severe thunderstorm, persons within the Dakota Dome should immediately proceed to the lower level of the building using the fastest route available.  
  • In the event that the lower level is not available or cannot be reached safely, persons within the Dakota Dome should immediately proceed to the second-floor office areas and close the steel security doors at the end of each hallway.  

Note: The attached plan can also be downloaded.

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