School of Law Evacuation and Severe Weather Plan


  • What is my building's evacuation plan?
  • What is the severe weather plan for the School of Law?


Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Location

First Floor, North Hallway by Room 116



In the event that the School of Law building must be evacuated, the following procedure shall be followed to the extent possible:

  • Upon activation of the fire alarm, all persons within the Law School building should remain calm and walk (do not run), using the safest route available, to evacuate the building using the nearest exit.
    • Especially in the case of a fire or potential power outage, elevators must not be used; rather, use the stairs, if needed, to exit the building.
    • Assist persons who are physically unable to evacuate by helping them to the nearest stairwell to be rescued by emergency responders if you are unable to safely assist them up or down the stairway. Notify an official that someone is waiting to be rescued and provide directions to their location.
  • Designated staff from each floor will quickly survey the floor to assure that evacuation is in progress or completed. The following persons have been designated for each floor of the School of Law:
    • Lower level – Eric Young
    • Main level – Sarah Kammer
    • Upper level – Tracy Hummel and Lanae Romey
  • Alert emergency responders to situations requiring their response.
    • For campus emergencies, Vermillion fire, emergency medical personal, and police are summoned by phoning 9-9-1-1 from a campus phone, or 9-1-1 from a public phone or cell phone that is not part of the campus phone system.
    • Advise USD Department of Public Safety by phoning 5342 from a campus phone, or (605) 677-5342 from a public or cell phone.
  • All persons evacuating the School of Law will assemble on the lawn to the south of the building. This allows for a quick assessment for missing persons and to avoid interference with emergency responders, and for your own safety.
  • In case of poor weather, go inside the Neuharth Media Center for comfort and safety.   
  • Listen to and follow instructions, if any are given, from emergency responders.



In the event of severe weather such as a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning, persons seeking shelter in the School of Law building must avoid windows and immediately move to the lower level of the building.

  • Use the stair ways, do not use elevators, to move to the lower level of the building to the floor spaces at the bottom of the stairways outside the courtroom.
  • Additional shelter space on the lower level includes the restrooms, the Williamson Room (judges’ chambers), if available, and the library side of the lower level, away from windows.
    • Individuals who are unable to move to the lower levels using the stairs should be assisted to an interior hallway or room away from windows and glass doors.
  • DO NOT go outside or stand at a glass doorway or at a window to observe the weather during a tornado or severe thunderstorm warning; high wind often blows debris through the glass.  

More information about campus emergencies may be found at, 605-677-5342 (Public Safety), or 605-677-6265 (Director of Environmental Health & Safety).   

Note: The attached plan can also be downloaded.


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