Slagle Hall Evacuation and Severe Weather Plan


  • What is my building's evacuation plan?
  • What is the severe weather plan for Slagle Hall?


Evacuation Plan

In the event that Slagle Hall must be evacuated, the following procedures shall be followed.

  • Upon activation of the fire alarm or receiving an email from the Building Point of Contact, all persons within Slagle Hall will immediately begin exiting the building through the nearest available exit route.
    • Elevators should NOT be used during an evacuation event unless necessary for the evacuation of a disabled/handicapped person.
  • Designated persons from each floor will quickly survey the floor to assure evacuation is in progress or completed. 
  • They will remain a safe distance outside designated entries to prevent unauthorized persons from re-entering the building until cleared by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).  The following staff have been designated:
    • Lower level sweep (ITS Areas) – Danell Kindt
    • Lower level sweep (Marketing & Enrollment Services) – Raleigh Tiahrt
    • First floor and Aalfs Auditorium sweep – Lisa Ketcham
    • Second floor sweep – Kayla Kloucek  
    • Third floor sweep – Travis Vlasman
    • Monitor northeast entrance – Lisa Ketcham  
    • Monitor south entrance – Raleigh Tiahrt
    • Monitor northwest entrance – Danell Kindt & Kayla Kloucek
    • Monitor east entrance – Travis Vlasman
    • Monitor west entrance –  Matt Beach
  • All persons within Slagle Hall will convene in the courtyard between Slagle Hall and Old Main.  This will allow quick assessment for any missing persons and avoid interference with the emergency responders.
  • In the event of weather conditions where shelter is desired, please move to Farber Hall in Old Main for comfort and safety.
  • Employees may return to Slagle Hall when the AHJ has issued the all-clear.


Severe Weather Plan

In the event of a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning, persons within Slagle Hall should immediately proceed to the Lower Level of the building and assemble in the main hallway using the fastest route available.  Severe weather warnings will be communicated via Everbridge.

  • Employees may return to their work areas after the all-clear has been signaled.

Questions regarding this plan should be addressed to Chris Phillips at 658-3633 or or Kayla Kloucek at 658-3628 or  


Note: The attached plan can also be downloaded.


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