Finding Building Codes for Campus Buildings


Is there a list of the codes for buildings on campus?

We have had students ask about where their classes are located due to the 3-4 letter code that is listed next to room numbers, but they do not know what building it stands for.


  • Class List
  • Self Service
  • USDGo App


Self Service shows the building list as 3-4 letter code


  1. Open USDGo App
  2. Click My Courses
  3. Class are listed with the full building name, room number and time

View a campus map

Here is a quick list for reference (last updated 2020-12-22):

Building Code Building Name
U15 Sattellite Receiv: Antenna
UAH President’s House
UAK Akeley-Lawrence Science Center
UAS Arts & Sciences
UB Beacom Hall
UBC Belbas Center
UBD Grace L. Beede Hall (dorm)
UBH Burr House
UBI Biology Storage
UBK Brookman Hall (dorm)
UBR Burgess Hall (dorm)
UBT Kusd Tv Tower, Beresford
UC Coyote Student Ceneter – Delete
UCE Center for Continuing Edu
UCH H M Cook House
UCL The Churchill-Haines Labs
UCM The Commons
UCO Commentsa Center
UCS Softball Concession Stand
UCSC Sanford Coyote Sports Center
UCV Coyote Village
UCY Cypress Court Apartments – Del
UD Dakota Hall
UDC Danforth Chapel
UDD Dakotadome
UDGH Home Dugout
UDGV Visitor Dugout
UDK Dog Kennel
UDO D.O.T. - 1005 North Crawford
UDQ Dog Quarters
UDT Dakota Dome Ticket Booth
UDV Davidson Power Plant
UE East Hall
UED Daelzell Education Center
UFA W M Lee Ctr For Fine Arts
UFH Farber House
UFS Physical Plant Shop 1
UG2 Physical Plant Storage 1
UGM Physical Plant Shop 2
UH Hangar
UNW North Well House
UOA Old Armory (Belbas Center)
UOL Edward Olson Hall (dorm)
UOM Old Main
UP Patterson Hall
UPL Arthur M Pardee Laboratory
UPS Physical Plant Storage 3
UQC Quirk Carillon
URD Redwood Court Apartments – Del
URI Mabel Richardson Hall (dorm)
URT Kusd Radio Towers (2)
US2 N. W. Electrical Substation
USC Signal Commo. Dist system
USD South Dakota Union Bldg
USL Robert L Slagle Hall
USM W.H. Over State Museum
USP Soccer Press Box
USR Service Center
USS USD Surplus Storage
USW South Well House
UT1 Turning House 1
UT2 Turning House 2
UTB Track/Soccer Ticket Booth
UTC Telecom Building (anmc)
UTP Track Press Box
UTR Radio Transmitter Building
UTS Track/Soccer Building
UTT Tv Trans Bldg (beresford)
UTU Steam Tunnel Access House
UVU Vucurevich Childcare Center
UWC Wellness Center

Note: A partial list of building codes is in the attached Building Codes file


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