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All parking on campus, except designated visitor parking and metered parking, is by permit only. In order to park a motor vehicle on campus in any university parking area, it must be registered and a parking permit must be properly displayed. Parking permits shall be purchased by members of the faculty, staff, student body, and employees of entities affiliated with the university.

Students and employees who park on campus must register and obtain a parking permit

  • Click the Blue Parking Permit Online or at the Business Office, Slagle Hall, Room 207 to purchase
  • Hanging permits are to be hung from the rear-view mirror or placed on the driver's side dash with the permit number visible. A parking permit is not valid unless displayed correctly on the vehicle.
  • Lettered permits correspond with signage at each lot entrance and are issued to designate which parking areas may be used.
  • Permit types are designated based on established criteria. An individual is limited to the purchase of one type of permit. However, one permit can be registered with multiple cars and the purchaser of the permit may physically transfer the permit to any vehicle registered under that permit. The use of an invalid permit may result in a parking citation.
  • Temporary parking passes can be purchased at $2.00 per day at the University Police Department office. Your name, phone number, and vehicle license plate information is required for issuance of the permit.
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All members of the faculty, staff, student body, and employees of entities affiliated with USD who park a vehicle on campus, must pay to park


Business Office - Parking Permit Costs and Information

  • USD's Parking Rules and Regulations guide the use and administration of the campus parking and transportation system which are administered by University Police.
  • University Police personnel have been empowered by the South Dakota Board of Regents to manage the campus parking system and issue citations for violations of these regulations. The University of South Dakota reserves the right to change these regulations as necessary.
  • Vehicle Immobilization & Towing
  • Handicap Parking
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