Docusign Access


DocuSign provides an easy, fast, and secure way for sending, signing, and tracking signed documents. USD faculty or administrative staff can manage contracts, acquire and process forms for signatures.  Anyone can sign documents they receive.  Requesting access will allow you to create and send documents for electronic signature.

  • Click the DocuSign Access button on this page to request access to Docusign
  • SEND documents for signature and manage the documents you send
  • SIGN any document electronically with an e-signature
  • TRACK the documents you send
  • ACCESS your documents at DocuSign's website
Target Completion Date

Access is set up within 10 business days after the request has been approved

Available To

DocuSign software access is available for administrative use campus-wide

Note: you do not need to request access to sign a document, only to create and send


This service is currently funded by ITS, Enrollment Services, Student Services, Purchasing, School of Medicine, HR, and  School of Education.

Docusign Support

If you have questions or issues:

DocuSign Access


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