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The disappearance or removal of a parking violation notice from a vehicle does not relieve the violator from their responsibility for the parking violation.

After 15 days all fines double and are eligible to be added to the student's account, or if an employee, withheld from the employee's pay.

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General Violations

The following schedule in no way limits the right of the university to impose further actions as appropriate.

  • Failure to Register a Vehicle – Parking a vehicle without a registered permit in a university parking space - $30.00
  • Failure to properly Display a Parking Permit – Permit must be hung from rearview mirror, or on the driver side dash - $15.00
  • Expired Parking Meter - $15.00
  • Reserved Parking – $30.00
  • Visitor Parking Only - $30.00
  • Safety Zone - $30.00
  • Obstructing Traffic - $30.00 (Vehicle subject to impound)
  • Parking in a handicap space without a State Issued Handicap Permit - $100.00 (Handicap spaces require a valid state issued handicap permit displayed along with a valid university parking permit.)
  • No Parking 2am to 6am - $30.00
  • Misuse of Permit – Counterfeiting, altering, theft of, or defacing a permit - $100.00 (Applicable State and Local laws may apply.)
  • Parking on Grass - $30.00
  • Parking on Sidewalk - $30.00
  • Other Parking Violations – $15.00 (Parking a motor vehicle in such a way or at such time as to cause a violation of any regulation, other than those noted above.)
  • Parking Where Permit Not Valid - $30.00
  • No Parking/Lot Closed - $30.00 (The vehicle is subject to towing and impounding at the owner/operator's expense.)
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  • USD's Parking Rules and Regulations guide the use and administration of the campus parking and transportation system which are administered by University Police.
  • University Police personnel have been empowered by the South Dakota Board of Regents to manage the campus parking system and issue citations for violations of these regulations. The University of South Dakota reserves the right to change these regulations as necessary.
  • Vehicle Immobilization & Towing
  • Handicap Parking
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