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myUSD Portal Features

Stored usernames/passwords
You may store your usernames and passwords for sites like SNAP. You'll have the ability to store all your information for direct access one Single Sign On channel.

If you don't remember your information use the Stored Username/Password Information channel to reset them.

The portal can be customized You can add a custom tab, reorganize channels, add or delete channels. 

Your email can be previewed through the email channel. You can manage messages within the portal or open your full inbox. On your first login, that channel is located on your Home tab.

About myUSD

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myUSD Portal allows university faculty, staff and students to access the information and password-protected resources they need quickly and easily in one central place.

In addition to having the information you need presented to you automatically, you can customize myUSD to show other information you find useful and find links to online systems such as SNAP, Desire2Learn and Campus Alerts.

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