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With the advent of advanced microscopes, sensor arrays, genetic sequencers, and other advanced instrumentation South Dakota researchers can now analyze, synthesize, and acquire data at truly 21st century scales. But this raises the question: where will they put it?

The research data storage service consists of two phases:

1) ITS will provide an in-depth assessment of your storage needs to determine the optimal storage solution.  Multiple factors are considered in this assessment, including:
  • volume - how big is the data?
  • variety - what are the types of data?
  • velocity - how often does the data change?
2) When appropriate, ITS will provide on-campus storage of your research data.  See the Cost section below for pricing details.

Proper data management and stewardship now plays a key role in research and scholarship, with particular emphases from federal funding agencies. Working with ITS, we will help determine a storage solution that makes your data:

  • searchable
  • discoverable
  • sharable 
  • publishable
Available To

This service is available to all faculty. 


Solutions range from free cloud storage to on-campus storage (via The South Dakota Data Store, or SDDS) available for a one-time setup fee. SDDS is composed of two tiers:

  • Sharing Tier (disk-based storage appliance) - $200/TB
  • Archival Tier (long-term, archival-grade magnetic tape storage) - $50/TB

The use of on campus research data storage is governed by the University of South Dakota's  5.003 Information Security Responsibilities policy

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