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Coyote Careers is USD’s very own career services network.

Students & Alumni

  • Start your job or internship with the university's career services network
    • In addition to full-time jobs and internships, students can also search for part-time or work-study positions offered on-campus or around the Vermillion area
  • Upload your resume, apply for jobs, sign up for on-campus interviews and access thousands of company contacts across the country
  • Log into Coyote Careers to learn about the many fairs, workshops, and information sessions that we hold each semester
  • For the Student and Alumni User Guide Click Coyote Careers Step by Step Student Login document under attachments


Thank you for your interest in hiring the extraordinary talent at USD. Sign up for Coyote Careers to begin posting your job or internship opportunities, schedule on-campus interviews, view student resumes and promote your company through our employer directory.

Click the Coyote Careers button to

  • Current Students
    • Sign in with your USD credentials
  • Alumni or Employers
    • Register for an account
    • Sign in with the username provided after registration

Students & Alumni

Through Coyote Careers you will be able to:

  1. Search and apply for jobs (including full-time, part-time, on-campus, work study, and graduate assistant positions) and internships
  2. Upload your resume and other documents to be included in resume books for employers
  3. Sign up for on-campus interviews and other career events and workshops
  4. Access thousands of company contacts from across the country

Academic Support:

  • Advising
  • Learning Specialists
  • Math Emporium
  • Personal Support
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Tutoring

Career Support Services:

  • Access Coyote Career Kickstart: a grant-funded project for qualifying rural students. 
    • Learn valuable career skills
    • Build a professional network
    • Earn money to make college more affordable
  • Career Support Services
    • Job & Internship Search Support
    • Internship Support
    • Interview Support
    • Graduate School Support

How Can Alumni or Employers Help USD?

  • Hire a Yote
  • Create Job Postings
  • View Applications
  • View Resumes
  • Manage On-Campus interview schedules
  • Register for career events on-campus
Available To

Students and alumni from all academic majors of the university
Employers interested in hiring USD students or alumni


This is a free service provided to all students and alumni from all academic majors of the university

Coyote Careers

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