Scholarship Appeal Process


This will enable you to make a scholarship appeal, request a waiver or leave of absence. This petition should include only scholarships sponsored by USD. For SD Board of Regents Scholarship renewal questions, please refer to

Required documentation needed to complete this request should be added as an attachment when submitted

  • Medical 
  • Legal 
  • Military
  • Degree Audits and/or supporting letters from Academic Advisors

Click Request Scholarship Appeal to appeal or petition your scholarship.


Potential reinstatement of previous scholarship awards
Circumstances to apply for an appeal:

  • Active Duty Military: DD-214 will be requested
  • Medical Condition or Extended Illness: Documentation from health care provider is required
  • Request to take fewer credit hours than required by the scholarship
  • Lack of Academic Progress: documentation from academic advisor
  • Credit hour exception for graduating semester: Degree audit required
  • Other: List details in the request Personal Statement
Available To

Students with special circumstances who will/might not meet scholarship renewal requirements specific to scholarship accounts administered by USD.


There is no cost for this service


USD Scholarship Policy 

Request Scholarship Appeal


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