AED, or Automated External Defibrillator


What are the guidelines for using AED, or Automated External Defibrillator


Guidelines for using AEDs

  • Remain calm
  • Send someone to call 911 or University Police, 658-6199
  • Emergency Responders need:
    • Victim information
    • Address/location
  • Remove AED from cabinet and take to patient's side
  • Use tubular key in cabinet to turn off alarm if needed
  • Lift black cover and press yellow button to open AED and turn unit on
  • Pull red handle to remove patches from package
  • Attach patches to patient's bare chest according to the diagram
  • Follow voice prompts – see inside cover of device for further instructions

Locations of AEDs on campus

Building  Location 
Beacom Business School Main Lobby
Burgess-Norton Residential Hall Front Desk
Center for Fine Arts By Art Gallery
Churchill-Haines Laboratories By Room 190
Center for Continuing Education West Entrance Door
Coyote Village Residential Hall Front Desk
DakotaDome Dakota Dome on the Western Side
DakotaDome Athletic Training Room (2)
DakotaDome SW Arena Floor
Delzell Education Center By Rooms 111-112
Health Sciences Building 1st Floor - Wall Next to PA Classroom
Health Sciences Building 3rd Floor
I.D. Weeks Library Main Entrance
Law School North Hallway by Room 116
Lee Medical Building 1st Floor - Outside of South Restroom 
Lee Medical Building 2nd Floor - Outside of South Restroom
Lee Medical Building 3rd Floor - Outside of South Restroom
Lee Medical Building Lower Level by Room 15
McKusick Technology Center By Room 102
Muenster University Center By Information Desk
National Music Museum Second Floor Near Office 266
Neuharth Media Center West Common Hallway
North Complex South Commons Entry Way
Noteboom Hall By Room 122
Sanford Coyote Sports Center Training Room by A312
Sanford Coyote Sports Center Concourse by A319
Sanford Coyote Sports Center Concourse by A332
Sanford Coyote Sports Center Concourse by A502
Sanford Coyote Sports Center OTPT - Wall Cabinet Inside Room A310F
Slagle Hall West Corridor -199A
Vucurevich Childcare Center Back Door Hallway
Wellness Center 2nd Floor Desk
Wellness Center Intramural Closet
Wellness Center Main Lobby

Please contact University Police if you need further assistance

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