Reporting Off-Campus/Out-of-State Activities



Which types of activities do I need to report?

How and when do I report those types activities?


  • USD Departments conducting activities off-campus


Required to ensure proper state authorization and to comply with annual data reporting requirements for participation in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA). 


  1. The one-page Physical Presence Checklist (on this page under attachments) indicates the types of activities that need to be reported 
    1. The checklist is divided into three sections and corresponds with the OAR (Off-Campus/Out-of-State Activities) form
    2. Online courses are not included on the checklist because Banner reports are used to track the physical location of those students, Therefore, you don't need to report students taking an online course
  2. If you have an activity listed on the Physical Presence Checklist, please complete the OAR form EACH TIME an activity is scheduled
  3. Authorization must be secured and applicable notifications sent BEFORE the activity is allowed to take place
  4. Since SARA membership requires USD to report individual out-of-state activities, and since state regulations are subject to change at any time, it is important that USD Departments complete the OAR form each time a student participates in an activity listed on the Physical Presence Checklist
  5. After reporting your off-campus/out-of-state activities, USD’s Division of Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) will contact you if additional steps are necessary


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