Salesforce Access Request


Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution used primarily for recruitment. 

Supervisors must request access for an employee if Salesforce is required to complete their duties.  The employee's USD account will be permitted access to Salesforce.

Additional options available are access request for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Visit Day's and Mogli, if requested.

Clicking the Request Access button to the tight will request a Salesforce account for the employee.

Note:  You must have Salesforce Access in order to request access to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Visit Day's and Mogli. 


Salesforce in an integrated CRM platform that provides Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions a view of marketing and tracking requirements in a single, shared view of every applicant.

Available to

Staff with approval from system owners.


Salesforce license is approximately $800/user/year.


Request Access

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