There are over 120 Smart Classrooms at USD locations. All classrooms offer presentation ability, while some offer enhanced functions such as web/video conferencing or lecture recording.

Basic Smart Classrooms include:
- Room PC
- Laptop connection
- Pen enabled display or Smart Board
- Projector/TV display
- Sound system for audio playback

Enhanced Smart Classrooms include Basic Smart Classroom functionality, plus:
- Web or Video Conferencing capability
- Wireless microphone
- Lecture recording (Panopto)

Services (4)

Report Smart Classroom Issue

Use this service to report a smart classroom issue.

Smart Classroom Training

Use this service to request training for audio video technology in the classrooms.


Audience response system to help instructors identify student progress through real-time feedback.

Lecture Capture (Panopto)

Schedule your lecture to be recorded in classrooms equipped with Panopto remote recording equipment.