Screenshot Generation for Session Failed - Respondus Monitor


Respondus error: Screenshot generation for this session failed.  You can still try playing the video(s) but the may be unplayable due to problems during the recording process.


  • Respondus Monitor


Video of the attempt was incomplete, and the thumbnail generation failed. This is most likely due to connection issues at the end of the student.


Students won't be aware that anything has happened, and they will continue to be under the impression that they are being recorded uninterruptedly, hence the deterrent factor still exists. 

  1. Screen shot generation errors can occur during the processing of the video, likely due to Internet interruptions and packet loss that happened during the video streaming from the student's computer 
  2. Unfortunately, there is no other video available when this occurs, apart from what the clip(s) might show
  3. Students can reduce the likelihood of video processing errors by:
    • Moving closer to their wifi access point
    • Not using the Internet for anything else while taking the exam
    • Using a wired connection


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Tue 6/14/22 7:20 AM
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