Managing Department Email Account


Employee needs access to the department email account 

Employee needs access removed from the department email account 

I still have access to emails and their calendars and I no longer need this access. Can these be removed?


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Departmental Accounts are created to support departmental business. The Departmental Accounts tool allows users to add or remove owners of existing accounts, or request a new departmental account.

  1. Access Departmental Accounts Management dashboard 

Add Owner

Note: An account owner must have a valid USD account and be a faculty/staff/affiliate member

  1. Click Manage Accounts
  2. Click Manage Owners
  3. Click Add Owner 
  4. Type USD email address is already completed
  5. Click Update Owner

Remove Owner

Note: You cannot remove yourself as an owner. 

  1. Click Manage Accounts
  2. Click Manage Owners
  3.   to remove existing owner(s)
  4. Click Update Owners

Request Account

Note: As the requestor, you are the account owner by default. After the account is created, account owners can add or remove other owners.

  1. Click Request Account
  2. Complete the requested fields
  3. Click Request Account

Reset Account Password

  1. Next to password select Change
  2. Type in your password or the current Department Account password
  3. Type in the new password
  4. Select Change Password

Please contact the Service Desk if you need further assistance


  1. See Article Granting access to shared mailbox


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